Google Earth Engine tools for CCDC

This is the documentation for a suite of tools designed for continuous land change monitoring in Google Earth Engine. The paper that accompanies this documentation and explains the rationale and potential uses for the tools can be found here.

CCDC is used to monitor changes in land cover, land use, or condition using dense time series of satellite imagery. As the name suggests, there are two primary components: change detection and classification. CCDC has primarily been applied using Landsat data, but these tools are designed to be data agnostic. This toolbox provides applications and a Javascript API for performing all necessary steps in using CCDC, which include:

  • Visualizing pixel-based time series and CCDC model fits

  • Performing change detection for entire study regions

  • Viewing CCDC coefficient images

  • Producing “synthetic” imagery

  • Land cover classification

  • Creating maps of land cover/use change

This documentation and the tools are a work in progress, but keep in mind they have not been updated in a while.